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Anode Cap 1.1 bar (16lb)
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: RC-33
Price: $26.00
*Please include vehicle Make-Model-Year-Engine when ordering* This ingenious device attracts electrolysis to it, saving the aluminum parts from being attacked. Made of magnesium, the anode works 24/7. Whether used as a prevention additive, or as part of the remediation process, this sacrificial anode is an important element of the overall strategy. Since electricity is lazy, and takes the path of least resistance, electrolysis will attack the sacrificial anode, leaving our aluminum components unharmed and intact. This is the "mini" cap. Acura 1990-1999 Chevrolet 1985-1988 Chrysler 1995-1998 Dodge 1995-1999 Eagle 1995-1998 Ford 1989-2002 Geo 1989-1993 Honda 1990-2002 Hyundai 1998-2002 Infinity 1997-2001 Isuzu 1985-2002 Kia 2001-2002 Lexus 1992-2001 Mazda 1993-2002 Mercury 1989-2001 Mitsubishi 1995-1997 Nissan 1990-1996 Subaru 1999-2002 Toyota 1994-2002

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