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Experiencing the destructive effects of electrolysis? Suffering repeat failures occurring on aluminum radiators and heaters? Are you beginning to realize it's not just a case of a missing ground? This is the place to access products designed to reduce, arrest, and eliminate Type A and Type B electrolysis.

Don't Put Up With It Anymore!

No longer do you have to tolerate out of control cooling system voltage running it's course, ruining aluminum components. 

You've found out why it is happening.

You know what you can do about it.

You know how to get rid of it.  

Drops in voltage occur over time, sometimes in days, weeks, or months. The more thorough the flush, the faster the result. Copyright 2008 Voltage Drop Solutions. VoltageDrop, Voltage Drop Solutions, San Carlos Radiator are all  trademarks of San Carlos Auto Center Inc. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Last modified: September 2008