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About Us




Originally started in 1954, San Carlos Radiator Works serviced the San Francisco peninsula with service to the auto, truck, marine, industrial and airport industries.


Incorporated in 1982, the name changed to San Carlos Radiator Inc.


Undergoing a ownership change that included a business merger in 1988, the name changed to San Carlos Radiator & Auto Air Inc. The services offered increased to include air conditioning service and repair as well as some light full automotive.


In 2007, the name once again changed, this time to San Carlos Auto Center Inc. to reflect the diversity of services being offered, the perfect example being this  web site: specializing in solutions for automotive electrolysis. As new services are added, we are careful not to abandon the legacy that brought us here.


In the summer of 2015 we relocated due to lease uncertainties, drastically reducing our day to day expenses. We hope that we will be able to continue offering you electrolysis related products and solutions.




In the early 90's, we struggled with understanding electrolysis just like everybody else. I remember the frustration of making lots and lots of ground straps, and not getting the results I wanted. It actually made the problem worse. Then, little by little, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit. The service procedures got refined. The products began to get better.  And the results began to speak for themselves. We are always researching and improving our products and techniques, and will post our findings in the articles contained in this website.


Currently selling electrolysis products all over the USA, Canada, and Australia we are seeing this little niche' market grow as more and more vehicles are bitten by the electrolysis bug. I hope this resource has been helpful to you. Email me if you have questions or comments.


Keep your voltage down,

Mark Reynolds




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