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Electrolysis Products

Electrolysis Arrestor

Electrolysis Arrestor Item Name: Electrolysis Arrestor
Item Price: $25.50
Item SKU:   420E
  • Suppresses, reduces and eliminates Type B electrolysis
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used as a prevention additive
  • Helps keep antifreeze clean
  • Keeps working for 2 years
  • Controls pH
  • Can be used alone, or as part of a process
  • Quickly "plates up" exposed metals
  • Contains Tolytriazole & Sodium Hydroxide

   Arrestor Info:
*Additional specific Arrestor Info

Product Description:

The heart of the chemistry remediation process, The Arrestor is an additive that actively suppresses the destructive effects of Type B electrolysis. When used after The Flusher, it is added to new coolant and keeps working for the life of the antifreeze. It will control pH, help the coolant to remain non conductive, non acidic, and contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent cavitations, erosions, and pitting.

Hands on research* has shown that The Arrestor is a solid performer whether used as a preventative additive, or as part of a chemistry remediation program. Good choice for at risk vehicles  even if no electrolysis is measured. The Arrestor "floats" cooling system impurities to the surface where they can be expelled out the cap. Sometimes these impurities have "collected" in the overflow tube and plugged the tube solidly. Regular check of coolant and tube recommended. 
The Flusher should be used before The Arrestor, and a  Coolant Filter and Anode Cap  are solid add-ons whenever The Arrestor is called upon. Drops in voltage occur over time, sometimes in days, sometimes in months. The more thorough the flush, the faster the result.
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Anode Radiator Cap

Anode Radiator Cap Item Name: Anode Radiator Cap
Item Price: $26.00
Item SKU:   RC-**
  • Attracts electrolysis to itself
  • Easy to install, easy to check, easy to replace
  • Saves expensive aluminum parts
  • Works on Type A and Type B electrolysis
  • Starts working immediately. No waiting for chemistry to work
  • *Please include vehicle Make-Model-Year-Engine when ordering*
    Anode Info
1) We have your cap!
2) Anode Data
Product Description This ingenious device attracts electrolysis to it, saving the aluminum parts from being attacked. Made of magnesium, the anode works 24/7. Whether used as a prevention additive, or as part of the remediation process, this sacrificial anode is an important element of the overall strategy. Since electrolysis is "lazy", and takes the path of least resistance, electrolysis will attack the sacrificial anode, leaving our aluminum components unharmed and intact. This anode is made of magnesium which will offer superior protection over a zinc anode.

Hands on research* has show a significant reduction in available electrolysis damage when using The Anode. When used with The Arrestor, our experience shows a long term voltage drop can be achieved and maintained. The Anode will also attract other cooling system contaminates that can then be easily removed. Regular inspection of reservoir and overflow tube suggested, as tendency to "float off" debris to reservoir has been observed.
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Coolant Filter

Coolant Filter
Item Name: Coolant Filter
Item Price: $39.00
Item SKU:   CF
  • Removes particulates like aluminum oxide
  • Able to be cleaned by back flushing
  • Provides perfect cooling system bleed point
  • Installs easily in 10 minutes
  • Has filter bypass circuit
  • Looks good under the hood
  • Durable construction
  • Installs easily in Heater Hose
Product Description

Coolant Filtering and inspection has never been easier. Helps keep a cooling system clean, and may very well preserve your heater. This product was developed while searching for a cause of heater failure. It was found that under peak conditions as much as 40-50 psi could be recorded entering the heater. Combined with the fact that old coolant was particle rich and corrosive, The Coolant Filter was born. Designed to remove particulates, reduce surging pressure, and provide a visual representation of the coolant, the filter is durably made of polished metal and tempered glass. Part of the effectiveness is the magnetic particle trap that pulls out pieces of metal before they drift off somewhere in the block and start rusting or corroding. A sealed sintered brass particle filter strains particulates and keeps them from entering the heater. Since this durable unit back-flushes easily, a long term coolant clean up is assured. This filter is very effective at trapping and removing Aluminum Oxide and Ferric Oxide (Rust)  in a cooling system.


Hands on research* with similar products shows a reduction of repeat failures due to pressure expansion. Many copper/brass heaters suffer from pressure expansion and greatly benefit from a pressure regulating system like this. Dex-cool debris is easily trapped and filtered by this unique product. You won't believe how well it works. In some vehicles, there may be inadequate under hood room for proper installation, and may require a "loop" of heater hose to accomplish installation. 

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One Way Ground

product image Item Name:  One Way Ground
Item Price: $9.95
Item SKU:   1WG
Product Description An economic way to add a layer of protection to aluminum heaters. Ruggedly built with flat Tin/Copper cable, this may be one of the best values around. Comes with attaching hardware and instructions.
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Oil Emulsifier

  Item Name: Oil Emulsifier
 Item Price: $17.50
 Item SKU:  L-11
  • Dissolves oily mess and makes clean up easier
  • 16 oz. Made in the USA
  • Use this when head gaskets blow, or in charge air coolers when a turbo blows.
  • Contains powerful petroleum distillates that dissolve oily foam and residue, allowing it to separate and drain out.
Oil Emulsifier
Product Description L-11 effectively emulsifies and dissolves oily residue by changing it's properties, allowing it to drain out. Cleaning up a cooling system after a failed head gasket or leaking oil cooler just got easier. If this oil residue is not removed, efficient heat transfer is hindered in the radiator, causing overheating. Additionally, rubber hose failure is virtually guaranteed as the oil residue softens and destroys rubber. In heavily contaminated cooling systems, additional applications may be required to completely remove all the oil residue.

Hands on research* reveals T-11 to be effective when used to clean up oil saturated cooling systems and charge air coolers. Safe for all metals including aluminum. Strongly consider replacement of all rubber hoses and pressure cap as the oil will dissolve the rubber.
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Cooling System Treatment

RMI-25   Item Name: RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment
 Item Price: $17.50
 Item SKU:  RMI-25
  • Naturally Resistant to Electrolysis
  • Made in the USA
  • Provides extra lubricant for water pump
  • Contains a UV dye
Cooling System Treatment and Conditioner
Product Description RMI-25 provides an extra layer of protection for the cooling system by incorporating a water soluble oil for increased water pump life. Used extensively in the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural fields, RMI-25 might be over engineered for a well maintained lightly used automobile, however if you need a little more protection than a gallon of coolant gives, RMI-25 might be for you. UV dye is part of the chemistry make up of RMI-25 which makes finding small leaks over time a bit easier.

Hands on research* reveals RMI-25 to be very useful in situations where a cooling system is being restored . Dirty rusty corrosive cooling systems need to first be flushed, repaired and then refilled with 50% new coolant concentrate and RMI-25.
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